High Tea in the Hamptons

We left Gladstone yesterday (gladly – that town had nothing that made us want to stay there. It was overrun by the mining industry and seemed very bleak). We stayed overnight abouorkt 30km north in Mount Locum at the showgrounds there. They were pretty shabby, with swarms of mosquitoes in the bathrooms, which were kind of gross anyway. But, it was a place to stay.

We headed out early this morning, driving another 80kms or so to reach Rockhampton before 9am. We did a bit of a ring around to see if there was any work, didn’t find any, so agreed to keep going.

But first, we thought we’d have a look at one of the local attractions, Mount Archer.


Boyfriend Bear was set on the idea of having high tea, as we still had leftover cucumbers from a bunch of them that we picked up in Bundaberg (locally grown of course!) He really wanted to have some cucumber sandwiches, so we got some Tofutti, salt, pepper, cucumber and soft white bread and headed to the ‘highest’ place we could to have our tea.

ZZ managed to chug his way to the top of the mountain, albeit very slowly. It was beautiful and serene, with a few little picnic tables.


Billy was very satisfied.


We even had some wildlife come and join us, in the form of two kookaburras who sat above us hopefully. I don’t think they would have been too excited about cucumber sandwiches though.



We’ve actually had a really wildlife filled day – waking up to kangaroos munching on grass in the showground, seeing two hawks flying above the van, plus a snake slid across the road in front of us on the way up the mountain. Not to mention all the bugs and spiders that have been landing on us over the last hour or so, hehe.


Afterwards, we went for a walk down a trail towards a lookout, which looked out over some other mountains and the city of Rockhampton. It’s from there that this blog comes from you today! Pretty cool, huh?

Hope everybody is having a wonderful day!



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